Hark the page of JohnChalisque
Flying in on a TinyPinkDragon
His purple wings beating asunder
His accent roughtly that DownUnder!
If you are wondering what the above is about, see the source. It is a quick test case for the block handling code. Squiggly brackets (3 at the start of a line) followed by a sequence of characters "xyz" get turned into a pre with class "xyzbox". Square brackets get turned into a div in the same way. From there formatting different blocks is handled by CSS.
And then the dragon started singing songs of sadness, lamenting his nonexistence. He was especially annoyed that something didn't work. He huffed and puffed, and the bug got scared. At which point the bug promptly disappeared, never to be seen again. Perhaps we went to the LandOfTheSillyBugs, thought the dragon, who was now to be known as Bob.
Then Bob the dragon said hello to Adele.
But who actually is Bob the dragon?